The OADEPROPAH-Haiti has the following partners

  • Queensland University (UQ) :
  • Queensland Foundation for Children, Health and Education (QFCHE)
  • Union Cooperative Agricultural Credit and Rural of Haiti (UNICAGRIH) :
  • Association Nationale Apicole d’Haïti (ANAPIH)
  • AGROPARK-Haiti : Ferme de Production Agricole, d’Agro-industrie et d’Artisanat Rural (FEPAGRI) , Dumas, section communale de Fort-Liberte

    Contact :

  • Radio Télévision Heure de la Grace (RTHG)
  • Haiti Worldwide Information Network (HWIN) / Haiti News Online Network :
  • World Farmers Organisation (WFO) Roma, Italie
  • Caribbean Farmers Network (CAFAN)

The Agricultural Organization of Social Development for the Promotion of Livestock, Fisheries, Beekeeping and Farmers of Haiti (OADESPREPA-Haiti) is a Farmers organization of development aid working with the Haitian farmers layers disadvantaged people living in remote areas of Haiti.